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Lawrence A. Schiffman, D.O., FAOCD - Board Certified Dermatologist


How Long Does Juvederm Last and Why Should You Try It?

Published November 23rd, 2019 by Thepracticeagency

For everything from plump lips to smooth skin, more people are looking in hyaluronic acid or collagen fillers as the perfect holiday gift. Cosmetic procedures that use fillers increased to 2.6 million procedures in 2016, and the number is still rising.  

However, not every lip filler is created equal. Many people are looking into Juvederm, a cosmetic filler that can improve signs of aging. 

So what is it, and how long does Juvederm last?

Keep reading our guide to learn all about Juvederm before deciding on this cosmetic treatment for yourself!

What Is Juvederm?

Juvederm, also known as Hydrafill, was approved by the FDA in June 2006. It's primarily used as a cosmetic filler to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. The Juvederm line includes many products, but only Juvederm 24 and 30 are available in the US.

Juvederm is an injectable dermal filter. It uses a base of hyaluronic acid instead of collagen. Today, Juvederm is used for the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth. 

Each product within this line uses different bonding and concentration of hyaluronic acid. 

The different products can also target specific problems, depending on where they're injected. For example, Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC are best used as nonsurgical lip enhancement treatments.

Most procedures only take 15 to 60 minutes.

As of 2016, hyaluronic acid nonsurgical procedures, including Juvederm, were rated the second most requested procedure. The average cost per hyaluronic acid-based filler treatment, such as Juvederm, was $620 at this time.  

How Long Does Juvederm Last?

So how long does Juvederm last? 

It really depends on which product from the Juvederm line you elect to use. The amount of time a filler lasts depends on the:

  • Molecular structure of the product
  • The technology used to create the product
  • Specific Juvederm product
  • The amount of filler used

For example, Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC usually last up to a year. These are the original formulations of the Juvederm product line. They're ideal for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles or adding volume to the lips. 

So how long does Voluma last? Juvederm Voluma XC lasts up to two years. It's the first and only injectable gel created to lift and contour cheeks.

Juvederm Vollure XC, on the other hand, lasts up to 18 months. This product smooths the skin beneath the surface. It's ideal for moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles. 

Juvederm Vollure XC is also ideal if you want to add volume to your lips. 

Then there's Juvederm Volbella XC, which can last up to a year. This product is ideal for smoothing vertical lip lines while adding volume to the lips. 

If you're still asking yourself how long your fillers will last, make sure to speak with a board-certified dermatologist. They can review the Juvederm line with you to determine which products best fit your goals. 

How Does It Work?

Now that we've answered how long Juvederm lasts, let's talk a little more about the procedure. 

The active ingredient in Juvederm, hyaluronic acid, will add volume to the facial tissue. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the human body and stimulates collagen production, which plumps the skin.

However, our hyaluronic acid and collagen production decrease with age. As a result, we begin to form saggy skin and wrinkles. 

During the procedure, a nurse or doctor will use a pen to mark the areas of the skin you're treating.

Then, the doctor will inject Juvederm into the target area, massaging the area to ensure even distribution. 

If you're concerned about pain, Juvederm injections contain small amounts of lidocaine. This will help minimize the pain or discomfort you might feel as a result of the injection. 

Before Your Treatment

Before your treatment, make sure to speak with a medical professional about your cosmetic goals and expectations. They can help you find the ideal lip filler that aligns with what you have in mind. 

The Juvederm procedure is minimally invasive. Often, the procedure doesn't require much preparation. You can likely have the procedure done the same day as your consultation. 

Before your consultation, make sure to avoid taking medications including ibuprofen, aspirin, or St. John's wort. You'll also need to avoid drinking alcohol or smoking within the weeks before your treatment. Otherwise, you might notice slight bruising following the procedure.

Let your doctor know if you have any sensitivities or allergies before the treatment as well. 

Should I Try It?

There are a few common side effects associated with Juvederm. These include:

  • Itching
  • Minor pain at the injection site
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Lumps

However, these side effects often fade within two to four weeks. 

If you don't receive Juvederm from a medical professional, you might experience more severe side effects. For example, a non-professional might inject Juvederm into a blood vessel. This can cause scarring, blindness, vision issues, and stroke. 

Make sure to find a trained, licensed, and certified medical professional to perform the procedure for you. 

Otherwise, recovery time is often minimal. Your doctor will likely advise you to avoid:

  • Wearing makeup
  • Consuming alcohol for 24 hours after treatment
  • Strenuous activity
  • Sun exposure 

You'll notice the effects right away. Give any swelling a chance to reduce a little.

When deciding whether or not to try Juvederm, make sure to speak with your doctor. They'll review these side effects, as well as any other concerns you may have.

Your Full Guide to Juvederm Lip Fillers

To recap, how long does Juvederm last? It often depends on the product you choose, however, Juvederm often lasts between a year to two years. 

Make sure to consult a professional before electing to receive Juvederm as your choice of cosmetic treatment. 

Want to discuss Juvederm with a professional? Contact us today to explore your options.

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